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February 2015 Truck Sales in 4 Charts

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I don’t know why (and it could be because my Google-fu has failed me), but visualization of monthly vehicle sales data is pretty lacking. I’m sure there’s plenty of it in everyone automaker’s marketing departments (then again, given some of the decisions we’ve seen…), but publicly? Not so much. And yes, it’s probably because not enough people care to justify that level of time and effort at an automotive publication. Well, they care, but only on sales day. By the time you get around to making the graphs a week later, everyone has returned to their regularly scheduled Camaro vs. Challenger vs. Mustang metaphorical poo-throwing festivities.

I’m going to start with February 2015 truck sales. I like analyzing the truck segment because it is both easy and important. There are just 10 players right now, excluding lot leftovers, but three of those are the best-selling vehicles in the country.

I’m going to start with a bad graph. It’s bad not only because I spent no effort on it in Google Apps, but also because it shows only two things: It’s a two-tier market, and the Silverado is rising fast.

Truck Sales, Jan-Feb 2015

Before we get to better versions of this graph, let’s take a closer look at market share:

Truck Market Share by Make, Feburary 2015

If this was a pie chart of a parliamentary election, there’d be a hung parliament unless the LibDems and Greens enter into a coalition with Labour against the Tories, who are…and I’m not going to take this tortured analogy any further. We all knew it would be GM, Ford, and Ram and then everyone else. I actually won’t bother with market share again until the end of the year, unless there’s a disturbance in the force.

Now then, the above graph is a lot more interesting when split in two, specifically when looking at everyone that’s not F-150/Silverado/Ram:

Truck Sales Smaller Models February 2015

What’s interesting here is that the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon don’t seem to have taken any market share away from anyone, but have instead expanded the truck segment entirely. Who the loser happens to be will be interesting to uncover.

And yes, I excluded the Titan. It messed up the scale of the graph and nothing interesting will happen there until the 2016 launches. Speaking of the Colorado and Canyon, here is the balance of power between midsize and fullsize trucks (this will be more interesting at the end of the year in line graph form):

Fullsize vs. Midsize Trucks Feb 2015

Looks like the electoral college after a landslide election.

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