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April 2015 Truck Sales in 5 Charts (and Who is Really Number One?)

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Here’s my look at the April 2015 truck sales. This time I have five charts. I know I didn’t do March. I got lazy. Apologies. But this time I did use excel. Enjoy the prettier graphs, I know I do.

If you want the listings of the random % changes and Y-O-Y swings in paragraph and table form, visit any other major car blog. I just don’t find them that interesting.

The Sales Trends

April tends to be a softer month than March, so it’s not surprising to see drops among most of the players. What is surprising, however, is the Chevy Silverado’s continued pace and the GMC Sierra’s continued growth. I don’t know if its the product, effective marketing, cash on the hood, or some combination thereof, but whatever it is – it’s working.

Big Three Truck Sales, April 2015

I’m going to keep splitting the trends up into two. The F-Series, Silverado, and Ram account for 71% of the market. I’m really curious why the Silverado wasn’t subject to the seasonal drop.

Shocking figure of the month: 60% of the F-Series mix are Platinum and King Ranch models. Both start at around $50,000. Using April’s number, that’s about 37,5000 luxury trucks – roughly 10,000 units more than all of BMW. And people think Ford doesn’t have a luxury brand.

Lower Volume Truck Sales, April 2015

Even more curious is the continued growth of the Sierra. I bet it’s all of the Denalis. Good for GMC. Not pictured: 470 Honda Ridgelines. Why even bother?

What About Market Share

Regular market share updates aren’t that interesting because the numbers don’t change much. For example, the fullsize vs. midsize truck segment split has been 85/15 all year, give or take half a percent. However, I did a few graphs anyway, so here they are:

April 2015 Truck Market Share by Model

This is our usual representation of the breakdown, except the pie-within-a-pie chart, which is great for illustrating datasets with many small values. But it starts getting interesting once we look at the market by brand:

April 2015 Truck Market Share by Brand

The combined efforts of the Colorado and Silverado still fall short of the F-Series, while Toyota edges out GMC for 4th in the standings when the Tundra and Tacoma are combined. As for the “When GM combines, it forms Voltron” statements, well:

Truck Market Share by Automaker, April 2015

Yes, when the four models of Chevrolet and GMC combine, they beat the lone F-Series. Not by a huge margin, either – just one Nissan’s worth. I’m not sure I’d be bragging about it, GM fanboys. Especially since if you take the pair of midsizers (currently handily outsold by the Tacoma) out of the equation, the Sierra and Silverado combined are about 5k short of #1 for the year. And sales of the midsize twins aren’t growing at the moment.

This will be a fun one to watch play out.

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