What Are You Doing Here?

I originally set this site up after leaving automotive journalism. It was to be an internet marketing and analytics blog, but after becoming more familiar with that corner of the blogosphere – well, it’s a bit full up. Along the way, I decided I wanted to write about cars again – but in my own way. I was going to focus on the business itself instead of just trying to settle, once and for all, whether car A is better than car B and why, with plenty of corporate Powerpoint-quality graphs to make things interesting, or at least more meaningful, particularly when it comes to sales figures, but then I ended up¬†returning to automotive journalism, so now I just write about whatever I feel like – except cars.

Do You Know What You’re Talking About?

Unless I’m talking about cars, probably not, but that’s never stopped anyone before. I spent nearly seven years at Motor Trend¬†as an online editor before switching gears and turning into a marketer and analyst. I spent some time plying my trade at a fintech startup called Payoff, where we were working to put the “service” back in “financial services,” before I was recruited back into the car world to become a senior editor at Automobile Magazine.

What Else Do You Do?

Many things. I engage in various forms of athletic activity, including weightlifting, kung fu, and surfing. I also occasionally ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, go rock climbing, and have even gone on a date or two.